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Wasted Space A Tony Gavel Mystery Book 1

When a successful business man is found dead in his home, the police rule it a suicide. However, not everyone is convinced that a man who seemed to have it all would take his own life.

Private investigator, Tony Gavel, is hired to find out the truth of the matter. Tony’s investigation leads him from the carefully manicured lawns of the suburbs to the seedy underbelly of the Big City. As he delves further into the case , he uncovers secrets, lies, and danger at every turn.

When an attempt is made on his own life, his friend and former partner, Officer Dwight O’Toole, gives Tony until the end of the week to solve the case before the police take over. Can Tony crack the case before the clock runs out, or will his unstoppable pursuit of justice land him in the morgue as the latest victim ?

Wasted Space is the first in a series of exciting novels written by JWMetcalf. Full of plot twists and memorable characters, Private Investigator Tony Gavel faces intrigue and danger at every turn.

Smashwords has it for every available format if you are unfamiliar with them. I Have it at the kindle store as well.

Some reviews posted about WASTED SPACE.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent PI Story July 19, 2014

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Tony Gavel is a ex-cop and now runs a very successful PI business. He specializes in missing person cases. His morning starts with his office being ransacked and a beautiful new client walking through his door.

This is one of the best PI books I have read. Tony Gavel is an amazing investigator that always manages to get himself into tough spots. The new case he takes on takes him for quite the twist when he finds the missing person, only to find him dead by apparent suicide. His client doesn’t believe it was suicide and neither does Tony.

The investigation just keeps going deeper and deeper as he closes in on a pimp and a bookie. He meets a special lady along the way and reveals some of his past and the trauma he went through in his last relationship and the unsolved case.

This book will take you on many different adventures and will take twists that I did not see coming. The characters are well designed and the interaction between them is realistic. I can sympathize with Tony and found him to be believable as an ex-cop and a private investigator. He is a great lead character. He is a risk taker and he is fun and interesting to follow along with.

This book will keep you guessing and keep you turning the page. The action is superb and the depth of the story is quite engaging. I am definitely looking forward to reading more from JW Metcalf and more about Tony Gavel and his adventures.

Gone Fishing A Tony Gavel Mystery Book 2
After being Injured dfishingcoveruring his last case. Tony Gavel decides to head up to his hunting cabin in Red Valley Falls to recuperate.
 While there, Tony learns that a serial killer escaped transfer to a Federal Penitentiary and has killed a few people in the surrounding woods around town.
When Sheriff Myers, one of Tony’s good friends, winds up murdered Tony takes up the manhunt to find Doogan ‘The Ear’ Ashe.
 Evidence suggests that his friend Sheriff Myers was not killed by Doogan but by someone trying to make it look like he did. Now it’s a race against time to find out who really killed Sheriff Myers and also to capture Doogan Ashe before he kills again.
Gone Fishing is the second in a series of exciting novels written by JWMetcalf. Full of plot twists and memorable characters, Private Investigator Tony Gavel faces intrigue and danger at every turn.

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