Greetings everyone. Welcome to my website. Welcome to 2015. This year I decided to rearrange my blog a little and make it more user friendly and informative.

The easiest way to navigate my site would be the Categories tab on the left. Click on a category and it will bring you to all the posts I wrote in that category.

The Page buttons on top of the screen are as follows:

Links to Other Authors:  A page of links to other authors pages. If you are an Author and wish to have you’re page listed contact me.

About Me: A little bio page of myself.

Book Reviews: A page that explains my Book Reviewing that I plan on doing for authors. If you wrote a book and need it reviewed on whichever site than start here.

Contact Me: A place where you can contact me, ask questions, make suggestions.

My Books: A place where my books that I wrote are listed and links where you can buy them.

Reviews of my Books: A place where I will have a snippet of a review that will lead back to the full review. Be it bad or good I will post some of them.

I am always looking to meet new people and hear from you guys. Feel free to contact me at anytime at JWMetcalf@optonline.net You can also find me on Twitter @JWMetcalf.

Almost Daily Prompts are: A place where I answer some daily prompts that I find interesting around the net.

Fan Fridays are: A place where I will put short stories, excerpts from my books, excerpts from new books I’m working on.




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