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There will come a time when a man is born. A uncivilized man born from battle that will change the world. He will sweep down upon the world from the snowy north and cause havoc among the lands. Some say he is the reincarnation of the God of Death, Letum. Others say he is the son of Praelium, the God of war. Know this, if you happen to come across this man, stay clear from his path. His path is destined to be one of greatness and blood. – The Book of Prophecy

With an oath to Praelium, the god of war, Boul clambered to his feet. His heavily muscled chest littered with a dozen sword cuts varying in length and deepness. Blood trickled down his body leaving red blotches in the snow. His green eyes blazed like an emerald caught in the sun as he focused on the giant of a man standing before him.

Boul crouched down, his lean form looked like a tiger ready to spring into action, as he lifted his blood soaked axe off the ground.

The mail clad man smiled at Boul as he hefted his sword in both hands watching Boul with amusement.

“What is your name warrior so that I may sign of this battle to my brothers back home?” the warrior said with amusement.

“I will not die this day.” growled Boul as he slowly circled the man before him. “My name is Boul. You may tell your brethren when you see them in Valhalla.”

Boul roared as he hurled himself at his opponent. His axe flashed is a deathly arc. The armored warrior swung his sword down barely deflecting the axe in time. Boul shifted his stance and swung the axe in a reverse swing catching the warrior off guard by the sheer strength and quickness of his attack. Boul’s axe struck the warrior, slicing through the mail links covering his leg.

The warrior stumbled as the blood flowed from the wound in his leg. He raised his sword and swung it in one motion but Boul was able to block the incoming attack with his axe. The clang of steel on steel could be heard echoing throughout the snow covered valley. The two combatants slowly circled each other. The warrior grimaced in pain from the wound on his leg.

Boul feigned to his left but quickly reversed the axe and chopped to the right towards the warriors bad leg. The warrior tried to pivot but his leg crumbled and he fell to the ground. Boul kicked out with his foot and knocked the sword out of the warriors hand.

The man reached out to grab his sword but Boul stomped down on the blade, pinning it to the ground.

“I will see you in Valhalla.” Boul said as he chopped down with his axe.

The ground turned a crimson color as the warriors half severed neck pumped the warriors life blood onto the snow.