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I was looking forward to this book after I read the first one. The first Swarm book was my first in this genre and I really liked it. The end of the first book left me wanting more. I wanted to know everything and I hoped the 2nd in the series would answer some questions.

The 2nd book starts right where the first one leaves off. I was worried for our survivors trying to make it to a safe haven and get Laura some desperately needed help.

The second book was a lot more character oriented and dialogue, but a few interesting things happened along the way. We met some new people and things got a little hairy for our survivors.

The end came to quick for me and left me wanting more. I am looking forward to the 3rd installment of the series.

Alex South has a new fan and I can now say I like this genre of writing as well because of him.

Now for the cons: There were a few places where the dialogue felt forced and things slowed down a bit and you as the reader were hoping things would move along. It didn’t have any negative impact on the enjoyment of the story though. Just like a movie, there are always slow spots every once in a while.

If you are a zombie fan you would like this book and the series as a whole.

Hurry up and make the third one.


I gave it 4 out of 5 Stars

via Goodreads | J.W. Metcalf (Coram, NY)’s review of Swarm II.