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The Americans | WEDNESDAYS | 10PM | FX Networks.



This has to be one of my favorite shows on TV at this time. If you haven’t watched it yet, you really need to. It is on Wednesday nights at 10pm on F.X.

While watching it I never know if I should be routing for or against Philip and Elizabeth. They are Russian spies living in America, but the show revolves around them. It is nicely written and still going strong after three seasons. It is one of the few shows I must watch the next morning after I get home from work(I dvr all shows and watch them during my free time since i work overnights).

The show synopsis:

Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are two KGB spies in an arranged marriage who are posing as Americans in suburban Washington, D.C., shortly after Ronald Reagan is elected president. The couple have two children, teenager Paige and preteen Henry, who are unaware of their parents’ true identities. The complex marriage becomes more passionate and genuine each day but is continually tested as the Cold War escalates. As Philip begins to warm up to America’s values and way of life, his relationship with Elizabeth becomes more complicated. Further complicating things is the arrival of the Jennings’ new neighbor, FBI agent Stan Beeman, who is part of a new division of the agency tasked with fighting foreign agents on U.S. soil. The drama series was created by former CIA agent-turned-author Joe Weisberg.