On Thursday, Kanye West and Paul McCartney released a song they collaborated on called “Only One,” in what was inarguable a momentous, generation-spanning moment from two musical icons. So was it any good? If you paid attention to the reactions online you wouldn’t really know, as the conversation almost instantly moved on to a much more important question: Who is Paul McCartney?- Luke O’Neil


That’s just some of the tweets that happened after the song came out. It went viral. If the media actually did a little research and digging they would have known that these people were kidding around and trolling for attention. It worked. As you can see this went world wide. It made it’s way into News programs. Every paper and media outlet posted these tweets wondering what’s wrong with the youth today.

The media needs to start doing research into what they are going to do stories on or print on their sites. This isn’t the first time they got something wrong and it won’t be the last.

The media needs to get with the times.