via ALONZO LERONE – YouTube.

I’m usually not one to spend time on YouTube. My son does it constantly and I always laugh at him, but he loves it and he is usually cracking up and laughing hard. So when I came across a post on my Facebook wall, I figured I would check it out.

Alonzo Lerone does a bunch of different things on YouTube, but the one thing that I was watching that he does is called The Dumbest Tweets Series. What he does is search through Twitter and grab the funniest/stupidest tweets he could find and show it and comment on it.

It sounds simple enough. Each video runs anywhere from 3-8 minutes in length. I figured it would be stupid, but it kept my attention and I actually enjoyed it. I was laughing at the stupidity of people.

Why do we always laugh at stupid people? I guess we can’t help ourselves. Anyway. If you want a laugh head on over there and check him out. I didn’t check out any of his other series but the Tweet one will keep you entertained.