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Good afternoon everyone. My name is Julie Ascott. I write a column for the Daily Times Newspaper in Big City. I had a chance to sit down with private investigator Tony Gavel after a short stay he had in the hospital due to injuries he suffered during his last case he called Gone Fishing.

Let me fill you in on Tony Gavel a little.

He was born in St. Johns Memorial Hospital on September 6th, 1978. Tony grew up in a tough Irish neighborhood with his parents, older sister Maria and an adopted brother Arthur Flatly. Tony got picked on a lot growing up and took up boxing, with a friend of his Sgt. Dwight O’Toole, in order to protect himself.

At the age of 16, Tony won the Golden Gloves tournament. Tony learned how to handle firearms at a very young age. His parents owned a small cabin in the hunting/fishing community of Red Valley Falls.

Tony graduated top of his class from Public School 187 in Big City and moved on to study criminal psychology at Big City University. At the age of 22 after college Tony joined the police force.

During his stint as a police officer Tony specialized in Missing Persons. He was very good at his job. You might recall that Human trafficking ring that was discovered 10 years ago? Tony was the officer that brought down the ring.

At the age of 25 Tony opened up a Private Investigation firm to help supplement his income. He found a steady job working for Decker and Sons law firm doing background checks, insurance fraud and other various things. He used his skills at finding missing people to help those in Big City that needed it as well.

Tony was the youngest person in the history of the BCPD to make the rank of Detective at the age of 27. He was the lead detective on many successful cases during his first year.

His career as a police officer ended at the age of 28. If you remember the Festival Killings during 2006, Tony was the lead investigator on that case. During the press conference after the BCPD caught the killer. Tony publicly announced that they didn’t catch the real killer and that the Mayor was just worried about lining his pockets because of the money being lost during the Festival that year with a serial killer running about.

Tony was suspended from his job but he quit the force instead. He said in a prior interview he wasn’t going to deal with the mayor’s games and politics. To Tony’s credit, the Festival Killer did start up again and with help from Tony they did catch the real killer two weeks afterwards.

Tony was engaged to his secretary Mary Lanigan until she was brutally murdered in a Liquor store robbery while she was there picking up wine for dinner. Now Tony dedicates all his time to his P.I. firm.

Me: Tony, Thank you for joining me today.

Tony: It’s my pleasure.

Me: Can you tell me a little about your last case and how you wound up in the hospital?

Tony: Sure, I went to Red Valley Falls to recuperate from some broken ribs I received from a case just prior to that. While I was there I noticed a wanted poster for Doogan Ashe. I figured while I was there I would try and track him down and catch him.

Me: Why would you do that? If you were injured shouldn’t you have just rested?

Tony: Bounty Hunting is part of what I do as a Private Investigator. Plus, I know those woods forwards and backwards. I figured I would be able to catch him with not much effort.

Me: So what happened?

Tony: I caught with Doogan fairly quickly but got hurt in the process. During a manhunt for him the next day, with the help of the Federal Marshal service, Sheriff Josh Myers was found murdered.

Me: My god that’s horrible.

Tony: Yes it was. Josh was a good friend of the family. I spent the rest of my trip hunting the killer. At first everyone thought it was Doogan but the evidence just didn’t add up.

Me: Do you get that a lot? What I mean is. While during a case something like this happens and you go off on another case trying to solve two different mysteries?

Tony laughed.

Tony: It seems to happen quite frequently for me.

Me: So what’s it like being a P.I.?

Tony: I love my job. The hours are long and most of the time I am doing research or doing stakeouts. It’s not as glorious as the movies portray. But, I do like helping people and solving their problems for them. Finding a loved one lost is probably one of my favorite things. The look on peoples faces when they are reunited is priceless.

Me: Is being a P.I dangerous work?

Tony: For me it seems to be.

Me: Can you explain?

Tony: During my 11 years of being a private investigator I have been shot on numerous occasions, stabbed, tortured, beat up. I received many broken bones.

Me: That’s horrible. I wouldn’t want a job like that. Why do it?

Tony: As I said before. I like helping people. People that come into my office are desperate. They need me and count on me to help solve their problems.

Me: I’m sorry for bringing this up but I was curious. Was Mary Lanigans’ killer ever found?

Tony: Not as of this time. The killer left no trace in the store. The police department can’t find anything. I looked into the case myself for two years right after her death. It almost ruined my life. It consumed me. I did nothing but eat and sleep that case. Whoever did it was a real professional. It still haunts me that her death is unsolved.

Me: I’m sorry.

Tony: it’s okay. Thank you though.

Me: I’m sure my female readers would like to know. Have you started dating yet?

Tony smiled at me when I asked that question.

Let me tell you ladies. He is a good looking man. He is 6’2” 210lbs. He is very athletic and has the body of a swimmer. Lean and muscled. Short black hair, hazel eyes. He keeps himself in great shape.

Tony: (laughs) I bet they would like to know. Or are you asking for yourself?

Me: (blushes) Don’t dodge the question.

Tony: Yes I am currently dating. It took me a while to get over Mary’s death but I finally moved on.

Me: What’s her name? Where did you meet her? Give us details?

Tony: Her name is Aerial. She is a very talented painter. I met her on one of my cases. She was working at a sports bar and she helped me with some information I needed. She was very persistent afterwards for me to take her out.

Me: Sounds like a lucky lady.

Tony: I’m the one that’s lucky. She taught me how to laugh again. How to have fun and enjoy life once more. She is very special to me. On that note, I have to get going. I have an appointment with someone shortly and need to get to my office.

Me: Thank you once again for taking the time for this interview.

Tony: You’re welcome. have a good day Miss. Ascott.

There you have it readers. If you ever need a P.I. Tony is in the phone book. Or you can always email him: tonygavelpi@gmail.com