My son wrote a story for extra credit in school. He is in 6th grade. I left the mistakes in there so the teacher can show him where he needs to make corrections for full credit. But here is the story in all its glory.

Bobs Big Day

written by

Timothy Metcalf

Bobs Big Day

Bobs alarm went off after a restless night of sleep. Last night he was so excited about his first hockey game he couldn’t wait until he woke up. He was just about to start getting dressed when his mom called him from down stairs to make sure he was up.

She said ” Bob are you awake yet?”

Bob said back to her “yes i’m awake mom.”

Bob goes to the bathroom and holds his jursey up to the mirror. He said ” ah number four.” When Bob gets down stairs he see’s his brother Justin already eating breakfast.

Bob said ” good morning bro.”

“Mornig Bob.” Justin mummbled with a mouth full of bacon.

While they’re eating breackfast their sister comes down and complains “I don’t wan’t to go to the stupid hockey game.”

“To bad Lena, your not aloud to stay home alone until next year” Bob said while getting the syrup.

After they all are eating the pancakes and bacon their dad comes down the stairs.

He said “you ready for the big game son” while he was getting his breakfast.

“Yes i’m ready dad” said Bob while picking up a piece of pancake with his fork.

After they finish eating and put away the dishes, dad tells Bob

“Make sure you have all your equipment. Water, helmet, skates, jersey, leg pads and arm pads” said dad.

“Check, check , let me grab my skates check, check, check. Yep i’m all ready to go” said Bob.

Once everyone is strapped into their seats and the car rolls out of the driveway, Lena begins to complain again.

“Dad, why do I have to go to this stupid game? I am nearly 12 years old. I should be able to stay home by myself already. This is so unfair.”

Bob has heard this argument a million times so he decides to go over the notes coach Adam gave him.

Hey Bob, here’s the notes you should go over before the game.

  • Hockey is played with 6 people on the ice. Three forwards, two defensemen and one goalie. It is broken up as so: left wing, center, right wing, left defense, right defense, goalie

  • Hockey is played on an ice rink that is 200 feet long and 85 feet wide and divided into three sections. . In the middle of the rink, there is a red line that divides both territories of play, and two blue lines fifty feet from each side of the red line. Between the two blue lines is called the “neutral zone,” while the space outside the blue lines is defended by each team.

  • At the ends of the rink, there are two thinner red lines where the net goes. In front of the goal there is an area called the crease. The crease is usually colored blue. This is the goaltender’s area.

  • Each hockey game starts with a “face-off,” in which the puck is dropped by a referee between two opposing players at close range. From there, the clock starts and the game begins. One team takes control of the puck and attempts to score while the other team attempts to defend their goal or intercept the puck.

  • Like soccer or lacrosse, the game features fluid non-stop play, only pausing the action at the end of each period, after each point, or after a penalty.

  • In hockey, major and minor penalties are distinguished by the length of time the player is sent off the ice and into the penalty box. A minor penalty results in 2 minutes of penalty box time, while a major results in 5 minutes.[1]

  • If a penalty is committed, the team must play down a player for the length of time of the penalty, without substituting a new player in. If the opposing team scores during the penalty period, the penalty ends. The same violations may result in a major or minor distinction at the discretion of the referee. Common penalties include:

  1. Dangerous use of the stick, including slashing or high-sticking

  2. Obstruction penalties, including hooking or tripping

  3. Interfering with or checking a player not in control of the puck

  4. Checking from behind or by targeting the head

  5. fighting

  • After the 60 minutes of play if the teams are tied they play a 5 minute overtime period to try and get a winner. If they are still tied after the overtime they will have a shootout to determine the winner.

Hope this helps. Coach Adam

Bob looks up from his notes and notices it is very quite so he looks out the window and sees 7-11.

“Can we go there after the game dad please” said Bob.

“Why do you want a Slurpee or something?”

Bob smirks as he looks out the window and says “maybe.”

“Tell you what if you win the game i’ll get you 7-11.”

Bob instantly says “deal.”

” Oh come on, I’m gettimg my hair done and i’m meeting my friend Kasey at Natalies house” blurtes Lena viciously.

“To bad Lena this is Bobs big day not yours” says Justin.

Lena glares at Justin and sticks out her tongue.

“Who was talking to you any way Justin?”

Justin just smiles and gives Bob a wink. Bob gives Justin a thumbs up and mouthes ” good job.”

“Why do I even bother going up against them?” said Lena.

They are almost there when dad says “Bob don’t feel bad if coach dosen’t put you in because you haven’t had much practice like the others on the team.”

“Don’t worry dad I will be fine ” says Bob.

As they are pulling in to the parking lot Justin says”Bob look out the window this place is huge.” Bob and Lena look out the window and say “woah.”

They walk in to the building and there are people screaming louder than 12 seaguls screeching at once. Bob needs to part ways with his family to go to the locker room. They all wish him good luck as they part ways.

Bob begins to follow the signs to the locker room when he comes across Kyle. Kyle plays defense and wears the number 3. Bob waves to Kyle and yells ” Hey Kyle wait up.” As Bob runs to catch up to him.

Kyle turns to see who is yelling for him and stops to see Bob running towards him.

” Hey Bob, glad you made it to the game.”

Bob finally caches up to Kyle and bends over gasping for breath. Kyle notices the sweat driping off Bobs face.

“Are you okay” says Kyle.

“Yes, I’m not use to carrying big equipment around. Just give me a second, I will be fine” gasps Bob. Kyle shrugs and waits for Bob to catch his breath before continuing towards the locker room.

“You nervous about the game Bob” says Kyle.

“Yes, I just hope coach Adam puts me in the game” says Bob.

“Don’t worry, I think he will put you in.” says Kyle.

Bob and Kyle enter the locker room and notice coach Adam already started the speech.

“About time you guys got here” said coach Adam.

“Sorry we are late coach Adam. I got lost coming hear so Kyle helped me find the locker rooms” Bob said as he was sitting down in his seat.

“Its all right I was just starting to give the team a speech to motivate us” said Coach Adam.

“Alright team this is what we have been practicing for. I completely understand if you are nervous. If you just do the best you can do you will be fine. I know you guys would want a bit more practice before we go against this team but I couldn’t fit in more time to practice. This team likes to pass around alot so stay in your position and cover your guy. They won’t be able to pass around as much if you don’t leave anyone open to pass to.”

Coach Adam walks over to Bob and kneels in front of him.

” Bob I know you haven’t had as much practice as the rest of the team since you just joined us. When I put you in, Remember to stay in your position and do your best.”

Coach Adam walks back to the front of the room.

” Alright guys here are the starting positions. Kyle go to left defense. Noah go to right defense. Robbie your goalie. Harrison your left wing. Shawn your on right wing. Brian go to center . The other teams best shooter is number 17. I want you to shut him down so he can’t progress foward. The game will start in five minutes any questions?

Noahs hand shot strat into the air.

“Yes Noah” said coach Adam.

“What side will number 17 be on?” asked Noah.

“Kyles side, so you don’t need to worry about him unless I put you on left” said coach Adam.

“You all know your positions right everyone” said coach Adam.

Everyone nods there head.

“Alright everybody put your hands in and scream Mirage on three” said coach Adam.

“One, two, three, Mirage!

“Okay Everyone go, go, go” said coach Adam loudly.

Everyone is in there position when the referee gets in the rink. The whistle blows when the puck hits the ground while both center players are swiping at the puck visciously. Brian comes away with the puck and passes the puck to Harrison. Harrison is near the goal when someone challenges him. Harrison slides the puck through the guys legs and skates around him. Harrison collects the puck, shoots and scores.

The crowd goes wild while the announcer screams GOAAAAAAAAAL!

Everyone skates back to there positions when the referee collectes the puck. For the rest of the period the teams where battling back in forth for control of the puck. Both goalies are on point with blocking shots. After 20 minutes of play the buzzer sounds ending the first period.

The whole team was laguhing in a good mood walking into the lockeroom wining one to zero. Coach walks into the room face gleaming with happiness as the team sit’s down.

“Good job guys, you’re doing excellent so just keep up the pressure and have a strong defense we can keep this lead.Robbie just keep up the save’s your doing great buddy. Rest up everyone we may be winning but the games not over yet so good luck guys.” said coach Adam.

Everyone is starting to relax when the time is up so they skate back on to the ice.

The teams are in position when the ref drops the puck. This time the other team has the puck. They skate up the ice then Kyle quickly snatchs the puck back with his stick and passes across ice to Noah to redirect the puck to Shawn. Before Shawn can recieve it someone on the other team steals it and passes it to number 17. 17 gets past Kyle and sneeks the puck through Robbies legs with eight minutes left on the clock.

The crowd goes wild again when the announcer says GOAAAAAAAAL!

The last few minutes were rough but the teams pulled through. There were some falling but the teams were fine afterwards.The buzzer sounds to end the period while the score is tyed up one to one.

The team walks back with glum disapointed expressions on their faces. Coach walks into the room a little sad.

“It’s alright guy’s you are still doing good. Remember the game is not over yet so just keep up the good work and try to get the puck in the goal. We need to put pressure on their offense to keep them away from the goal. I am still proud of you guys if we win, lose or tie so good luck.

Everyone is drinking water when the time is up so they need to skate in to there positions.

The referee drops the puck and Brian skates away with the puck. Both teams are battling for the puck non stop. There is 30 seconds left when Brian gets hurt. The coach sends Bob in to Brians position and tells Bob to “drive to the net.”

Bob is not a good skater so he keeps on falling down. Once Bob got to the goal he fell and looks up at the clock. Bob is so nervouse because there are three seconds left. Bob was trying to get up when he noticed Harrison shooting the puck. Just as Bob got to his feet, his skates sliped out from underneath him and he fell to the ground. As he was falling he felt something hard smash into his butt.

The buzzer sounds as the announcer screams out “WHAT A GOAAAAAAAL!” Bob looks around on the ground to see his team skating towards him yelling “GREAT SHOT BOB.” His whole team piles on him.

Bob hears Lena Screaming ” I KNEW YOU WERE ALWAYS A BUTT BOB!”

Bob looks around confused when Harrison says ” It bounced off your butt and went in the goal. Bob grins from the bottom of the pile and says “This is the best day ever.”

The End