Author Joseph Madden does a fine job in his first novel, The Starhawk Chronicles.

Right from the beginning of the book you are brought into a well thought out world filled with villains and thriving planets and the unappreciated Bounty Hunters profession.

Minor Spoilers

Captain Kid aka Jesse Forster is a likable captain of the Hunter ship Starhawk. His team of hunters are charged with bringing down the despicable Nexus Gang which have escaped prison only 6 months after Jesse’s team captured them the first time, but with heavy losses.

The hunt brings you across the galaxy too many well thought out planets with a life of their own.

You learn throughout the course of the book a little of the backstory of the team and it didn’t take away from the main story line.

The ending was enjoyable and I would suggest this book to any sci-fi fan. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter of Captain Kids crew.

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