Mocha Bronze
My Lemon of a car

For the last 8 years I have been driving a 2005 Hyundai Accent. After driving it for 234,000 miles, the only problems I ever had with it was: my AC compressor crapped out after two years and my transmission went after 184,000 miles. Not bad for what I put it through. It was a great car and it was very reliable. So when it came time to buy a new car I obviously looked at the 2013 Hyundai Accent.
I found the color I liked, a sleek Mocha Bronze, and it had everything I needed inside. It looked good and it was a decent price. After some haggling with the friendly salesman, we agreed on a price and I paid the people and drove away with my new car on April 27th 2013. For the record: it had 4 miles on it when I drove off the lot.
Everything was going great. I had a new car with awesome gas mileage (high 30’s per gallon), some extras that I liked, a large trunk. What else could I need right? During the end of June my daughter had her Dance Nationals in Virginia Beach. I told my wife to take the new car for the trip and I would use her for the week they were gone. Within a day she called me up and asked me why my AC wasn’t working and that the Anti-lock brake light and traction control light was on in the car. I told her that they worked fine before she left. No biggie. I had a 10 year 100,00 mile bumper to bumper warranty. I called and made an appointment for when she was going to get back but they couldn’t fill me in until about 2 weeks after the fact. I didn’t mind. The car still ran and the brakes worked. I figured I could open the windows as I drove to cool off.
It comes time for my appointment and I bring it in to the shop. They figured out that I had a fried wheel sensor that was causing the 2 lights to go on and that they couldn’t find a problem with the AC. They said they were going to order me the sensor and put some dye in the AC so when I came back they would look to see where the hole was. It was safe to drive so I left and figured it would be fixed in a few days. After five days I decided to call them and ask if they part came in. I called them close to 5pm and the parts guy told me the part came in that morning around 7:30. I was pissed that no one called me. I called the service guy and he told me to bring in the car and they would squeeze me in.
I dropped it off the next morning after work and they said it would be ready in a day if I could leave it. The next day they call me and tell me it’s ready, so I head on over and pick it up. The lights were off and the AC was working fine. I went home and went to bed (I work overnights). When I woke up and went to work my AC was NOT working. Now I was getting a little annoyed. They said it was fixed but obviously it wasn’t. After work I dropped it off and told them the AC is not working again. They told me they couldn’t find anything wrong with it and found no leaks but they would look into it again. They asked me if I could leave it over the weekend. I asked for a loaner car but they said they didn’t have any.
What choice did I have? I left it over the weekend and used my wifes car. They call me up on Tuesday and say it was fixed. The service guy told me they found a leak and patched it up and it was working great. He ran it for a few hours and had no problems. When I got to the dealership I talked to the mechanic and asked him where the leak was. He said there was no leak but they found a loose valve and he tightened it. I was skeptical that it was fixed since the service guy lied to me.
When I got in the car the Ac wasn’t blowing super cold but it was 100 degrees that day so I just figured it was due to the heat. I got home and went to bed. When I went to work that night the AC was blowing hot air. I was pissed. They just had my car for 4 days and said they fixed it but it was still broken. After work I went back to the dealership and started yelling at the guy. He took me right in and again, said they had no loaner. I dropped it off on a Friday this time.
While I was at work I decided to write an email to the General Manager and bitch and moan about not getting a loaner car. I told him everything that had happened and informed him I was getting ready to call a lawyer and the Attorney General because he sold me a lemon. On Monday morning my service guy called me and told me they were going to rent me a car. I asked him sarcastically why they were doing that. I thought you don’t rent people cars. He didn’t respond. Needless to say I got a nice 2012 Ford Focus from Enterprise rent a car. The service guy told me it was the compressor and it should be fixed by Wednesday. I told him to take his time. I didn’t care.
Thursday, still no word so I decided to call them up. My buddy (we were on a first name basis at this time) told me that it was the compressor it was the evaporator. They would need it until Saturday but it will be ready for me. Saturday morning I decided to drop by and see how things were going. I needed to fill up the rent a car and wanted to know how much gas I should put in. I had to bring it back with 3/8ths of a tank and didn’t want to fill it if I didn’t have to. My buddy told me that the car would be ready that afternoon but they wanted to keep it for the weekend to make sure it was working. We were getting close to the lemon law and they really didn’t want to have to give me a new car. I told him to keep it as long as they wanted. I was having fun driving the Ford Focus around.
I filled up the Focus and went on my merry way. Monday came and went. Tuesday came and went. They finally call me Wednesday morning and told me it was working great. I said if I couldn’t see my breath I didn’t want it. They said I would be happy. I dropped off the Focus and picked up my car. I could see my breath. My buddy was all smiles and told me he hoped that he wouldn’t see me again anytime soon. I agreed and went on my way.
That night when I got to work I smelled something burning when I turned off my car. It smelled like coolant. The AC still worked but when I got off work there was a big puddle under my car. I was pissed but I didn’t care at this point. I figured I would drive it until the coolant leaked out and the Ac stopped working and than I would bring it back and get my new car. I got in touch with a lemon lawyer that morning and sent him all my information.
That afternoon, I was driving my kids to my sisters house and the car began to overheat. I couldn’t believe it. After I dropped the kids off I went straight back to the dealership. My buddy was not happy to see me and I began yelling at him and the service manager. They took me right in ( 5 people were on line in front of me) and put it straight on the lift. After about 20 minutes the mechanic found a clamp that he didn’t tighten all the way and fixed it. They ran it for 5 minutes to make sure the leaking stopped and gave it back to me.
I’ve now had the car for the weekend and still no problems with it. The lawyers will be getting back to me either Monday or Tuesday to tell me if I’m getting a new car or not. I love this car but with all the problems it has had over the past 2 months I don’t want it anymore. I’m hoping I have a case.
Thank you Mid-island Hyundai for ruining my new car for me. If you live in the Long Island area of NY do not buy from Mid-Island Hyundai. Thats my story.