I wanted to point out something that many people might not realize. If you ever buy a digital book any Author would appreciate you going back to the page where you bought it and write up a review. It could be one or two sentences. It doesn’t have to be a whole lot. Just a quick note telling what you liked or didn’t like and then click on the star rating you want to give the book.

The star rating and reviews are what moves a book in the Amazon ranking system. The same goes for Nook users as well over at Barnes and Noble.  The higher the ranking the more people will see it/hear about it, the better it will sell. Reviews are an Authors life’s blood. I know a bunch of people (i used to be guilty of this as well) that buy books, tell me it’s good/great/keep me coming back for me etc… But never went and reviewed it to let the world know those little tidbits of information.

When i buy a book i read the little synapsis of what it’s about and i’ll read the reviews from other readers. If you’re not familiar with writing a review it’s simple.Goto the section titled:

Customer Reviews

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Share your thoughts with other customers
 You just click on the write a review button and it takes you to the review page.
Then all you have to do is put in at least 20 words and hit send and you’re done. The Author will love you, Future customers will love you. Everyone will be happy.
If you like the book, you could write what really worked for you. It was riveting, exciting, couldn’t wait to go back to it, finished in a day, heart pounding etc… Just write the truth and people will appreciate it.
If you didn’t like the book you can write a review also. Just don’t say the book sucked. Pick something that you didn’t like about it and write it. Constructive Criticism works best so the Author knows what people didn’t like and maybe can make his /her next novel better.